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Photography a method to express my feelings towards nature. I have an interest in all section of photography like Wildlife, nature, human, portrait, landscapes, macro, fashion & lifestyle, etc.  I never try to kept myself within a closed frame. My canvas is as wide as the world is and sky is the limit.

By profession I am 3D Exhibition designer. With Years of experience I have been associated with reputed event companies &  still working in the filed of exhibition & event designing.

I would like to say that I am a learner in photography and looking forward to make it as a serious hobby. Associations,  appreciations and awards helped me to further nurture my skills and dream bigger. Today, my photography is acknowledged,  appreciated by many Senior photographers throughout the world and I thank all those who supported and motivated me throughout my journey.

Foundation: “The Critique Room” : My interest in photography motivate me to create a group/community, where we can learn good photography with its skill. I choose the path too learn photography by Critiques & Comments in a constructive manner. In the Year 2011 I have created a Facebook group called “The Critique Room“. It wasn’t easy to run this group because mostly photographers by nature they are an artist and all artist are very emotional about their creativity. Nobody like to read negative comments against his or her work, but what I request everyone to comment negative or positive it should be in a constructive manner. By God grace I have found few friends who really support on this and they are now a part of “TCR”.

Any one who can digest criticism can be a part or member of of “The Critique Room”.

If you want to be a member, you have to be a member of our Facebook Group.

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  1. Hello Shubhendu – I saw that you stopped-by my blog the other day…thank you for visiting and for letting me know you were there. I enjoyed browsing through your photographs…you have quite an eye…thank you for sharing your view of the world with the rest of us. Scott

    • Hi Scott, Thank you so much for your msg. What I have found in your work just “Amazing”. I love your works. It was great to watch all of them. I wish to be in touch with you to get view your works and by the process I also can learn a lot. I am really grateful for the msg. you have send me. Its an honor to follow you and your work. Please do take care . . .God bless you . . .

      • Hello again, Shubhendu – you are very welcome for the message…and I am very happy that you have so enjoyed my photos and blog. Thank YOU for your very nice words…they are very touching. You take care, as well…and thank you for the blessing. I wish the best for you. 🙂 Scott

  2. Thank you Shubhendu for stopping by my blog and following. The internet is truly an amazing place for connecting similarly interested people together. I love your blog but I never would have know that if you didn’t stop by. Now I’m following you and learning along the way… keep it up… thank you Carol

    • Hi Carol, its an honor to be here with you. I think whatever we are doing, that is an art. My first love to learn this form of art. That’s why Love to look at your works and try to learn atleast 10% what you have done till. You are right, the internet it is amazing …I am really grateful for the following of my blog and I would love to get in touch with you by your works for only my interest to learn something better . ..I am truly selfish person ha ha ha . . .Nice meeting you Carol, its an wonderful feelings . . .Please do take care of yourself, God bless you . . .

  3. Hi Shubhendu – thank you for liking my pics. Like you, I’ve taken up photography late in life – but in my case Very,very late as I’m now 75 years old … too late to think of it as a career. However – I enjoy what I do and seeing other people’s work [ such as your own] many, many thanks Eileen

    • Hi Eileen, Thank you so much for your msg. I am grateful to have a friend like you here. Its an honor for me. As far as creativity concern I always feel it can not be old or aged . . . you might start late, but creativity it was in you when you born. It is born talent my friend. In my age, I am 39 years old now, I also start late, because so many reason in life. Now I have started my own business in the field of exhibition design & fabrication . .if you want you can visit my website: http://www.sbmdesignindia.com . . that is my first profession . . .I started my own business just two years before and photography . . . I love it as I love my mother . . .Nice to meet you Eileen, God bless you. Keep in touch. Take care . . .

  4. I hope you go far with your photography. It is a hobby for me and writing is my career (or my dream which every way you wish to look at it.) I saw where you are now following my blog. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy my ramblings. God bless.

    • Thank you so much for writing to me. For me its an honor to share space with you here on wordpress . . .I found wonderful works done by on your blog. I really love all the photographs and writing. Please keep in touch here and I will too. God bless you. Take care . . .

  5. Hi Shubhendu! Thanks for viewing my blog and becoming a follower. I enjoyed your photographs of India street life, the colours are mesmerising! Thank you for sharing

  6. Thanks for ‘liking’ my post and for choosing to follow my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. Your interest encouraged me to visit your site and I thorughly enjoyed your photographs. I shall be returning – very soon!

  7. I am so glad you like “In search of unusual destinations”. I like your photos very much – they revive memories of a wonderful trip to India in the 1980s, the pre-digital era. Some excellent shots of wildlife and flowers.

    • Thank you so much for your word of appreciation, thanks a lot.. its great to know that you already visited in India… I wish and invite you again to revisit, now India little change itself… Wish you all the best… God Bless you…

  8. Nice reading about you Shubhendu

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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