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World Photography Day Contest by The Critique Room:
You are invited to participate in a Three Day Photo Contest. The theme for this Event is “THE BEST IMAGE, AS PER YOUR OPINION, TAKEN BY YOU DURING LAST YEAR”. Everything that has to do with "YOUR" Photography…. It should be in color .

Its an open opportunities for all the members to show your best photograph by your own choice.

1. "The Critique Room" for those who can digest Criticism . . . .

2. One member can post only ONE PHOTOGRAPH for the contest.

3. Entries will start from 19th August '2012 , Time Start: 00:00 IST End dated: 21st August '2012 23:59 IST.

4. No entries will be accepted before 9th August '2012 , Time Start: 00:00 IST & after 21st August '2012 23:59 IST of the last day of deadline.

5. Photographs must have been taken within last year before the date of entry.

6. Competition will based on Theme.

7. Competition photographs will be subject to Critique and Comments.

8. Photograph must be original work of the photographer. (if any dispute on this regards comes the all liability should be on the uploader)

9. Photographs should from Last year.


11. Include EXIF with the Post.

12. Judges verdict is FINAL. This competition will be judged by our panel of judges.

13. The photograph must not contain obscene, provocative,
defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable content.

14. All digital files should NOT be more than 1500 pixels, digital images.

15. Must be in jpeg format only.

16. Only minor stamping, dodging, sharpening, burning or colour correction is acceptable as is cropping. Any other changes to the original photograph is unacceptable.

17. All the member compulsory to Critique & Comment to others post. Your Comments and Critique will may help to the judges to give their verdict.

– The winner of the contest will have his winning photo share on the Group Cover for the whole of the following week.

– His/her work will be appreciated and recognized by our members throughout the world.

– The second and third position will also gain appreciation and recognition by our members.

Please follow the links for submission of the contest photographs:

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