Weekly Photo Contest by The Critique Room.

Weekly Photo Contest by The Critique Room.

Weekly Photo Contest by The Critique Room.
You are invited to participate in a weekly photo contest. There will be a theme for each week, and the subject of your submission MUST be in line with the theme. The theme for this week is “Street Photography”. It can be in color or Black & White. The street is full of human activities, providing ample photographic opportunities for any photographer. Get on to the street, and start shooting. We want to see your best shot.

1. One member can post only ONE PHOTOGRAPH for the competition.
2. Competition will based on Theme.
3. Competition photographs will be subject to Critique and Comments. 
4. Photograph must be original work of the photographer. 
6. Include EXIF with the Post.
7. Judges verdict is FINAL. This competition will be judged by our panel of judges. 
8. Competition will start from Tuesday to Saturday. Result will be announced on Sunday.

The winner of the contest will have his winning photo on our Group Cover for the whole of the following week. His/her work will be appreciated and recognized by our members throughout the world. 
The second and third position will also gain appreciation and recognition by our members.

Please follow the links for submission of the contest photographs only:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?id=100000133465281&tid=106607276139421&skipClustering=true&qn=1340632248&success=1&failure=0&set=oa.167383253395156

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