Raymond Barlow Wildlife Photography seminar series – Delhi chapter – at Delhi – 1st May, 2012


Raymond explaining Jobu design Gimbal head to participants – 1st May, 2012— at Indipix Gallery.Courtesy: © drcaesarphotography
It was an wonderful experience for me. I am really thankful to my friend Dr. Caesar Sengupta for his initiative to give us a scope to learn photography skills from “The master of Creative Wildlife Photography techniques – ‘Raymond Barlow’ . . .I was amazed the way he(Raymond Barlow) explain – the photography how it is. I salute him for his wonderful work, achivements and the energy level he has within himself .

Courtesy: © drcaesarphotography

He gave us every detailed information on his photographs. How he took his position, how was the situation, weather, day times, lights, detail EXIF information, etc. . . .and ofcourse we have a highly interactive participants too . . .Mr. Barlow explain a lot to us with our queries, put his 1000% effort tomake this event/workshop a wonderful memorie for us. I wish If I can use 10% what he explain to us, I can get a certain level in my photography.

One more thing happen very interesting that is, I meet my dear friend Dr.Caesar after 23 years long gap. All the old memories come alive. I was so happy to meet him after so long.  We both specially thanks Facebook for the reason.  Image

At the end again I would love say “it was a great workshop” and I am happy to be there as a participant and I wish many more Workshop in nearfuture.

Thank you so much Sir “Mr. Raymond Barlow” for the coming and the tips you gave us.

Thank you: http://www.drcaesarphotography.com  . . .for this event and wish to have a many more event like this in near future too . . .

Few photographs of the event:


The Man with a MISSION “Mr. Raymond Barlow”


Highly interactive crowd at Delhi – 1st May, 2012


The Man with a Machine Mr. Raymond Barlow


Its an honor just to stand beside him (Mr. Raymond Barlow)


The Man with a Vision “Mr. Raymond Barlow”

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